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Turn on the light to sleep - children are prone to myopia

Huazeng warm tips, parents turn on the lights, sleep, children susceptible to myopia. Richard Stone and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania medical center in the United States conducted questionnaires on 479 parents aged between 2 and 16, according to recent media reports. Data show that infants who turn on the lights at night are more likely to develop myopia, especially children under 2.
The data show that two years ago if baby sleeping in the dark room, myopia rate is 10%; if you sleep in the room with night light, myopia rate is 34%; if you sleep in the open lamp room, myopia ratio was 55%.
Huazeng Technology suggested that parents can accompany their children to sleep, after the child fell asleep and then turn off the lights, reduce the light directly illuminate the child's eye time. A better idea is to turn on the lights in the hallway outside the bedroom or adjust the brightness of the natural light from the house. If the child is afraid of the dark, in the left corner of the bedroom lamp eye protection lamp.

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