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Eye doctors explain their eye tips for you

Rub the eyes easily infected with bacteria, causing eye; eye drops may exacerbate inflammation abuse, make eye discomfort; wear contact lenses to make corneal hypoxia, prone to infection; winter can blink, can give the eye moisturizing massage...... The following huapai lighting we recommend to the eye doctor 10 eye tips, let you easily do eye care.
Eyes have been compared to people as "the window of the mind", the incorrect use of eye habits, so that the eyes of modern people become fragile health. In eye protection, eye experts have many unique coup. Ophthalmologists explain their own eye care secrets in detail.
Don't rub your eyes.
"I've been an eye doctor for 20 years, and I've never had eye diseases. Even in the red eye epidemic, the most important reason is not to rub your eyes."." Experts say that when the eye is uncomfortable, people unconsciously rub it with their hands. As you may know, the bacteria on your hands are the most. A pair of unwashed hands may contain hundreds of thousands of bacteria that can cause various eye diseases, especially red eye diseases, a US study has found. So don't rub your eyes with dirty hands. If your eyes aren't comfortable, wash them first. Then close your eyes and press them lightly. A foreign body, also do not rub eyes, should close your eyes, until the tears flowing, and then open the eyes blink a few, in most cases, tears will flush out foreign bodies.
Do not use eye drops indiscriminately.
Since many eye drops are over-the-counter, many people drop a drop as soon as they feel uncomfortable. The result is worse and worse. "I never use eye drops indiscriminately. I also have to be symptomatic. My eyes are red. It doesn't necessarily mean inflammation. It can also be allergic. If I use anti-inflammatory eye drops, it will be more serious."." Experts say that in general, as long as the large package, more than 0.4 milliliters of eye drops contain preservatives. If the eyes are dry and tired, we usually use artificial tears without preservatives.
Don't wear contact lenses.
Experts say the ophthalmologist she knows doesn't wear contact lenses. Now commonly used contact lenses are manufactured using polymer materials, oxygen permeation effect is not good, to some extent hindered the eyes directly to breathe oxygen, make the corneal hypoxia, once the bacteria and viruses, are particularly vulnerable to infection. Recommend the preferred frame glasses, pairs of hot wear contact lenses, the best half a year to test the light.
Winter blinks.
"Winter weather is very dry, coupled with heating and air conditioning attacks, it is easier to take away the moisture of the eye mask surface, so that dry eyes dry."." Experts say I must blink during the dry season or watching computer and TV for a long time, which is equivalent to Moisturizing Massage for the eyes. In addition, the eye should not blow to the air conditioner, so as not to appear dry eye.
Never use your eyes for more than 40 minutes. "I think the correct eye habit is the most important thing to protect your eyes."." Experts said, he once more than 40 minutes with eyes, will take 10 minutes to rest, overlooking the distance, or eyes closed for a rest, so that the eyes are not easy fatigue and dry.
Wear sunglasses when you go out.
The eye is very susceptible to ultraviolet light, not only the skin around the eye will be aging, and also have an impact on vision. Therefore, as long as a go out, especially in the summer or to the strong ultraviolet seaside, alpine, Yu Minbin will wear sunglasses.
Eat more yellow and green vegetables.
Such as carrots, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi and so on, rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, can prevent the functional degeneration of the eyes. It's Yu Minbin's favorite food, too. Play table tennis and spin your eyes. Yu Minbin loves playing tennis, playing table tennis when he said, eyes with a fast moving object rotation, play a regulatory role of relaxation, delaying presbyopia, myopia prevention.
Often drink wolfberry, chrysanthemum tea.
Often look at the computer, let Zhang Jian eyes feel tired, so he often give yourself a cup of tea with the Chinese wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea, eyesight, brain, liver function, can improve the symptoms of dry eye.
Be sure to use an eye lamp.
Many of our friends, whether it is in learning to read, or business office, sometimes late at night is inevitable, but unfortunately, we have not realized the need for a bright eye lamp, is conducive to the protection of our eyes. At present, the lamps on the market are dazzling, but there are not many real eyes. Hua Zeng technology, a company specializing in eye care table lamp for ten years, produced by the table lamp quality assurance, eye safety, is indeed a rare choice for you. The lamp Huazeng produced, fashionable and major categories of exclusive market front, as well as the latest fashion touch Diaodang LED lamp etc..

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