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The difference between eye lamp and ordinary desk lamp

Ordinary lamp in the 50 Hz alternating current state of normal work, every second will blink about 100 times, so high flicker frequency, light on the human eye is not visible. Therefore, under the desk lamp for a long time, plus do not pay attention to eye hygiene, extremely prone to myopia.
The principle of most eye is to improve the electric frequency of 50 Hz to 40000 Hz to 55000 Hz, while the corresponding lamp will flicker frequency per second is greatly reduced, and some can even be reduced to zero, so as to protect the visual function. The principle of a small part of the eye lamp is to change the alternating current into direct current, and use the direct current to light the lamp. There is no flicker and no radiation. However, the higher technology content and higher cost, so the price is relatively high. Temporarily can not close to ordinary users.
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